1. General Provisions

1.1 IT Talent OÜ (registry code: 12735787) organizes in-service training for adults.

1.2 IT Talent OÜ organizes in-service training based on the applicable legislation in the field of adult education and other related legislation and documents.

1.3 Studies are conducted at Springhub, Pärnu mnt. 148, Tallinn, Harjumaa, and other premises suitable for studies, rented on an hourly basis or in the training premises of the training client.

1.4 Teaching takes place as training throughout the year. The training takes place on the basis of a training calendar, which is published on the website of IT Talent OÜ at

1.5 Teaching takes place mainly on working days in the form of full-time studies. Depending on the customer's needs, custom training can also be conducted in the evenings or on weekends.

1.6 The training takes place as group training.

1.7 Teaching takes place in Estonian, Russian, and English, according to the composition of the group.

1.8 The basis for calculating the length of training is an academic hour (1 academic hour is 45 minutes).

1.9 Teaching takes place mainly on working days in the form of day-time studies. Depending on the customer's needs, custom training can also be conducted in the evenings or on weekends.

1.10 IT Talent OÜ has the right to make changes in the training plan, schedule, and venue. Those registered for the training will be notified of the changes by email.

1.11 The business language of IT Talent OÜ is Estonian, Russian, or English.


  1. Curriculum

2.1 The basic document of studies is the curriculum where is defined:

  • the name of the curriculum;
  • curriculum group;
  • learning outcomes;
  • conditions for starting studies (if they are a precondition for achieving learning outcomes);
  • the total volume of studies (incl. the share of auditory, practical, and independent work);
  • learning content;
  • description of the learning environment;
  • a list of study materials (if study materials are provided for passing the curriculum);
  • conditions for graduation and documents to be issued;
  • a description of the qualifications, study, or work experience required to complete the training.


  1. Collection and Processing of The Personal Data

3.1 IT Talent OÜ collects the following data about training participants:

  • name,
  • contact phone number,
  • email address,
  • personal identification code. 

The personal identification code is required to issue the certificate. Personal data is processed in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act §6.​​​​​​

3.2 The privacy policy of IT Talent OÜ is described in more detail here.


  1. Admission to Training

4.1 Registration for the training occurs beforehand in writing. Registration options:

4.1.1 IT Talent OÜ website,

4.1.2 sending an email to [email protected].

4.2 Information required for registration: training participant's name, personal identification code, profession, email address, phone number, name, and address of the invoice recipient.

4.3 Online registrants will receive a registration confirmation by email they entered on the website registration form when registering for the training.

4.4 By submitting an order, the agreement is considered concluded between the parties, which gives the customer or the person indicated by the customer in the order the right to participate in the registered training as well the customer has an obligation to pay the cost of the training.

4.5 The deadline for registration for the training is at least one working day before the start of the training.

4.6 Confirmations email will be sent to registrants for the courses no later than 2 days before the start of the training, which will include the exact time and place of the training and the duration of the training.

4.7 The training participant has the right to receive additional information from the employees of IT Talent OÜ, whose contacts can be found on the website


  1. Assembly of The Training Group

5.1 The study groups of IT Talent OÜ are assembled based on the participant's professional level, the suitable language of instruction, as well as the duration of the participant's preferred courses.

5.2 By the start of the training, a list of participants in the training, i.e. a list of study groups, has been compiled.

5.3 KTraining can be started by participants who have registered in advance and defined the desired language of instruction.

5.4 The training group has a maximum of 12 participants. The minimum number for a study group is 3 participants.


  1. Training Conditions and Payment for Training

6.1 The certificate will be issued to the participant who has acquired the learning outcomes of the training and passed the knowledge assessment. The proof of participation in the training shall be issued to any participant who did not take part in the evaluation or did not pass the evaluation.

6.2 To receive feedback on the training, participants complete an electronic feedback questionnaire at the end of the training.

6.3 Payment for the training is made on the basis of an invoice. The invoices shall be issued by us by e-mail or through the e-invoicing center. The invoice must be paid by the deadline indicated on the invoice.

6.4 In general, the invoice shall be paid before the training, unless otherwise agreed with the manager and/or the accountant.

6.5 The training institution has the right not to allow a participant to the training who has not paid the training fee by the due date.

6.6 The fee for training also includes the cost of study materials.

6.7 The training can be canceled by notifying in writing by email ([email protected]) no later than 7 working days before the start of the training.

6.8 Later withdrawal or non-participation in the training without prior notice in accordance with clause 6.7 of the General Provisions shall be paid in full and the cost of the training already paid by the client shall not be reimbursed.


  1. Conditions of The Payment Refund and Training Withdrawal

7.1 When the participant has paid for the training which is canceled due to us, the payment shall be refunded 100%.

7.2 In case the participant cannot take part in the training, please inform us at first chance by phone or email [email protected] and we will try to to find a way for him/her to participate in the next training. If this is not possible, the participant can opt-out of the training.

7.3 In case of a waiver, the refund of the payment will take place according to the following conditions:

  • Notification of non-participation of training more than 7 days before the training takes place – we will refund 100% of the training fee.
  • Notification of non-participation of training later than 7 dats before the training fee will not be refunded.

7.4 The participant's absence or interruption from training shall not be reimbursed.


  1. Cancellation or Postponement of Training

8.1 IT Talent OÜ has the right to cancel the training or postpone the time of the training if the training group

8.2 Registrants will be notified therefrom by phone or email.

8.3 If the training is canceled, the participant has the option to be transferred to another training, or the full payment will be refunded.


  1. Conditions and Procedure for Exclusion of Participants from Training

9.1 If the participant does not arrive at the in-service training institution on the agreed training day, she/he will be excluded from the training.

9.2 The participant is excluded from the training if he/she has more than the percentage of absences allowed.

9.3 We exclude participants who violate public order, disturb other learners or trainers and are violent.

9.4 Continuation and completion of the training are possible only if additional negotiations have been held between the in-service training institution and the participant and, if necessary, we prepare an individual curriculum for the particular participant.


  1. IT Talent OÜ undertakes:

10.1 Assemble training groups according to the language choice and level of the participants.

10.2 Conduct training according to the training course curriculum.

10.3 Keep records of lessons.

10.4 The classes missed due to the trainer's illness or other reasons should be conducted afterward, which is agreed in advance with the participants and at a time convenient to them.

10.5 IT Talent OÜ has the right not to refund the payment for the training interrupted by the participant.

10.6 IT Talent OÜ has the right not to start particular training with a course group if fewer people than the planned group size have registered.

10.7 IT Talent OÜ has the right to change the number and price of the course hours if fewer people have registered for the study group than expected, notifying the group members of the changes.

10.8 IT Talent OÜ does not offset the cost of the classes he/she misses with the participant.


  1. The participant undertakes:

11.1 Participate in courses for which he/she has registered or confirmed participation in a reproducible form in writing.

11.2 Pay the training fee on time on the basis of the invoice issued by IT Talent OÜ.

11.3 Inform his/her absence in advance.

11.4 Behave in accordance with generally accepted standards of conduct.


  1. Completion of Training and Exclusion Procedure

12.1 The certificate is issued by the facilitator to the participant at the end of the training and upon acquisition of learning outcomes. If no evaluation of training outcomes took place during the training or the participant did not achieve them, the proof of participation is issued.

12.2 The conditions for completing the training are set out in the course curriculum.

12.3 All certificates and confirmation documents  issued are numbered and records are kept.


The study organization procedure of OÜ IT Talent is valid from 1.12.2020.