1. General Provisions

1.1 IT Talent OÜ organizes in-service training for adults.


  1. Conditions and Procedure for Quality Assurance of Curricula

2.1 When compiling the curricula of IT Talent OÜ, we follow the Adult Education Act, the Continuing Education Standard, Professional Standards, and the instruction material submitted by the Ministry of Education and Research.

2.2 The curricula of the training conducted by IT Talent OÜ are published on the company's website under the option "training", where they are presented as links at the brief introduction of the training.

2.3 The manager is responsible for compiling the curriculum. The training curricula are updated at least twice a year.

2.4 We supplement the curriculum on the basis of new directions, trends and other information gathered at conferences.

2.5 Curriculum changes will be published on the website immediately after approval and no later than before opening the training registration.

2.6 When compiling the curriculum, we proceed from market requirements and the needs of the target group. Our trainings have practical content and the trainer's task is to help the learners to achieve the learning outcome. 

2.7 When compiling the curriculum, we also proceed from the needs of potential and/or modern employers.


  1. Conditions and Procedures for Quality Assurance of Trainers

3.1 Mostly, our trainers are practitioners and professionals in the field they teach, as well as highly educated. More information about our trainers can be found here:

3.2 To increase competence our trainers participate in professional trainings and conferences.

3.3 We evaluate the results of the trainer's work after the training on the basis of the participants' feedback and, if necessary, we make suggestions to the trainers to increase the quality of teaching.


  1. Conditions and Procedure for Ensuring The Quality of The Learning Environment

4.1 The training list can be found on the website of IT Talent OÜ at least a month before they start. It is possible to register for the training by e-mail ([email protected]) or by phone (+372 506 0627).

4.2 The sizes of the training groups vary and depend on the content of the training, but we prefer smaller study groups to ensure the most individual approach possible.

4.3 Quality of study materials. Participants receive extensive study materials and additional materials (articles, video, and/or books) for independent study. 

Many training curricula also include sample documents prepared by our trainers.

4.4 Quality of training rooms. We rent training rooms from our good partners. All our rented premises comply with the requirements of the Occupational Health and Safety Act concerning indoor premises. Our training rooms are bright, airy, have the proper temperature, equipped with a whiteboard and modern presentation technology (data projector, computer, etc.). Example of a cooperation partner: Spring Hub coworking (Pärnu mnt 148, Tallinn).

4.5 Psychosocial learning environment. Our trainers follow the pedagogical principles in their work, according to which each participant in the training is an equal partner in the learning process. Our trainers create a safe psychosocial learning environment where training participants are treated and cared for equally.

4.6 In the premises of IT Talent OÜ, drinking water, coffee and tea are available for all training participants.


  1. Procedure for Collecting In-Service Training Feedback

5.1 At the end of each training, participants complete an online feedback survey, where they can make suggestions for improving the content and format of the training and assess:

  • the content of the training,
  • their development,
  • study materials,
  • teaching methods,
  • the structure of the lessons (speed of the learning process, atmosphere, comprehensibility of explanations, opportunities for practicing, etc.),
  • to teacher's work,
  • to the organizational side of the course.

5.2 The completed feedback surveys are analyzed and their results are discussed by the trainers and management. Once a year, a summary analysis of feedback surveys is conducted to provide an even better and higher quality service.

5.3 If the feedback about the trainer has been very negative (and the participants do not achieve the learning outcomes due to the poor work of the teacher) at least twice in a row, we will replace the trainer.

5.4 We collect and analyze feedback from all stakeholders. In addition to the feedback from the training participants, we also collect it from the trainer. We have also analyzed the feedback received from the funder. The training manager is responsible for conducting the feedback.


The procedure for ensuring the quality of OÜ IT Talent training is valid from 1.12.2020.